About Us

Nirey, established in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of knife sharpeners and Triplex Steel kitchen knives in Taiwan.

Being a professional manufacturer of knives, we are knowledgeable about how to design knives and keep them sharp. Whether you are a professional or domestic user, you always need to keep your knives sharp. Therefore, we developed and manufactured our first knife sharpener “SR-868A”, and spearheaded new electric knife sharpening technology. From that time on, all knife sharpening problems on can be solved completely by using our unique knife sharpeners. People can sharpen their blunt knives as razor sharp easily, quickly, and safely.

With 10 years of experience in manufacturing electric knife sharpeners, we realized the importance and demand for sharp knives. Triplex Steel Technology – super hard steel sandwiched by 2 soft outer layers of steels – was introduced. It not only brings the ultimate cutting edge, but also keeps knives staying sharp much longer. That was the birth of I.O.SHEN Mastergrade Knives in 1998.

Quality is always our commitment to customers and we hope people can not only enjoy using our excellent and efficient creations in their daily lives but also use our products easily and safely.

We never stop to work with worldwide partners who have the same thoughts as we have – to help people enjoy using our craft. We look forward to having good partnership with you in the near future.